Local SEO

How to overtake the competition as quickly as possible, through improvements local SEO

local SEO
  • Local SEO is suitable for sites that offer their services local consumers. People search for your services using key phrases like: "hairdressing parsley", "car service lamač" or "pizza zilina".
  • Before local SEO we do keyword analysis and find out how many people are searching for your service in a given location.
  • If your services are searched by a sufficient number of users, then it pays to invest in local SEO, which will help you be searchable on your site.
  • We'll adjust the text content on the page to suit local Google searches. Text optimization It is very important for local SEO and therefore we approach it sensitively in every project.
  • In many cases, editing texts is sufficient. If you have higher competition, then we increase the site's authorityto get Google ahead of the competition.
  • Result local SEO are better page positions in local Google search. They bring better positions higher traffic of relevant users on the site and thus more clients.

Local SEO will improve searchability in your city

To achieve the best possible results, we will increase the site's authority.

Local catalogs

For better searchability of the site in local search, we will register it in the TOP local catalogs.


Local online newspaper

We will write about your company in a local online newspaper. Any mention of your services will help the site improve its position.

Google My business

If you do not have a Google My Business profile, we will create one. If you have, we will optimize it. We will then link the profile to your site and create the necessary relevance.

How fast does a page get higher in search?


We will find out how your competition is doing and develop a plan accordingly.

The plan will include an overview of the items of activities that we will do for the site in a given month.


A period of 2 to 6 months should be considered.

With lower competition it is 2 months, with higher competition it is necessary to count on 6 months.


At the beginning of each month, we send a report of current positions.

In the report, you can see how your keyword positions in search have improved.

What is the price for local SEO?

You calculate the price based on the actions we take for the page.

1. On page editing - text editing on the page - price from 150, - Eur

2. Registration in local catalogs - 10, - Eur / 1 catalog

3. Building local backlinks - 150, - Eur / 4 pcs / month

4. Create / Optimize Google My Business Profile - 50, - Eur

Price calculation of a sample project (3 months / local SEO)

1st month / 380, - Eur

Editing / optimizing texts + registration in 3 local catalogs + building 4 local backlinks. Create / Optimize Google My Business Profile.

2st month / 150, - Eur

Building local backlinks.

3st month / 150, - Eur

Building local backlinks.

Total costs for 3 months - 680, - Eur (without VAT)

At the end of the month, you will receive a report of keyword positions, previews report of current positions.

After 3 months of local SEO we guarantee a significant improvement in positions on the agreed keywords.

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