It is well known that links have a huge impact on your search position. Nevertheless, some small business owners still underestimate and even refuse to be able to linkgbuildingSo building backlinks really does help. Links determine the authority of your site and your domain - these two factors Google considers when placing pages in search results.

Still not sure if you should build a local link profile? Consider this: according to research by BrightLocal, up to 84% of experts at search engine optimization (SEO) claims that link building is key for their local clients.

local seo chart

In addition, every expert in the survey confirmed that linkbuilding improves placement on a local search results page, and more and more are seeing it as "very effective."

Now that you realize the importance building local backlinks, we can look at several strategies. It is perfectly fine if you use to build links for local SEO common strategies. Well, I suggest you try a slightly different approach.

Why should you change linkbuilding tactics?

The reason why it should be local SEO and linkbuilding to do a little differently can be summarized as follows - if you're trying to do a local search and enter, for example, "breeding needs near me," Google will use a special algorithm to show you results specific to your location. 

DealerOn's Director of Search and Social Networking, Greg Gifford, made it clear that the source of links to your site may be completely irrelevant to your company, but most importantly, their location. In other words, you need to create a local link profile and increase your relevance among local users. Other country- or industry-wide links are also useful, but serve more as a bonus.

Now I'll introduce you to six powerful linkbuilding strategies to help you find new customers, support your business locally, and incredibly improve your search results.

1. Find out what backlinks your competition uses

Who doesn't like spying on competition? Definitely not SEO experts. Revealing competitor link profiles is the best starting strategy for the following reasons:

1. This is a good opportunity to explore your local competition
2. Find backlinks that your competition has already verified

With SEO SpyGlass, you can find all the backlinks to your competitors' sites.

How to do it:

1. Launch the SEO SpyGlass application, create a new project for your website or open an existing project.

seo spyglass

2. Then go to Domain Comparison and click Add Domains. Enter your competitors' websites in the window that appears and click OK.

comparison with the competition

3. This way you can compare your website with those of your competitors and understand why they are doing better than you.

the result of the comparison of the competition

4. Now you know what needs to be improved in your link profile and you can move to Link Intersection, where you can see the links you have in common with your competitors.

5. To find new backlinks, click Prospective Domians in the menu on the left, and SEO SpyGlass will search for websites that point to your competitor's site, but do not yet point to yours.

suitable domains


2. Ask your local site to host your post

Not surprisingly, content marketing is on the rise in 2020 as well, and it won't change that easily. The effort and time you put into creating content for other websites (guest blogging) will definitely pay off. This strategy will make you visible, bring you new links and users, and increase site traffic. Guest blogging begins with the search for relevant opportunities. You can find them now with the Link Assistant application. Just choose the right search method.

How to do it:

As you are involved in local linkbuilding, it is clear that you need to focus on local blogs. Therefore, you need to set up a search engine specifically so that the tool can only select blogs in your area.

1. Start the LinkAssistant application and create a new project.

2. Go to Preferences and then Search Engine Settings

search engine settings

3. Click the button next to the selected search engine labeled Add Custom, type the address of your area in the Preffered Location box, and click Apply. Then add a shorter location name and press OK.

Now that you have your specific search engine set up, you can start searching for sites that could host your posts.

1. Click Look for Prospects, select Guest Posting as your search method, and click Next.

guest posting

2. Now add a few key words that describe your field. In the Search engine option, select your specially created search engine and click Next.


3. In the last phase, do not change any settings and click Finish. Now you need to wait for the app to find pages that could potentially share your content.

All you have to do is write a great post with links to your site and send it to the editors. You can also contact sites that could potentially share your post via email directly from LinkAssistant.

3. Use the mention of your site without linking to it

Most customers who write online about your products or services do not link to your site. There is a high probability that customers have mentioned your site countless times, but have not linked the post to your site. You are losing profit. Therefore, you should find these posts and add a link to them.

It used to be very difficult to find all posts without links. But with Awario, you can effortlessly find, sort, and make good use of them.

How to do it:

Launch the Awario application and add a new project by clicking the Add alert icon next to Mentions.


2. Then you need to add the keywords you want to track, and this tool will find a full list of the posts they mentioned in a short time.

awario kw

3. Now you need to find posts without links. All you have to do is contact the editors of the website and ask if they would add a link to your website to the posts about your company.

Of course, in order to contact the site, you need their e-mail addresses. You will use the application for this.

4. Access local business catalogs

Another good strategy is to increase the number of citations. Local quotes help users find local companies. More importantly, they can significantly improve your position in search results. If you don't know what a quote is, it's when information like your name, address, and phone number are mentioned in one place.

Quotations can appear in local business catalogs, applications, websites, and social media. The easiest way is to build citations in local company catalogs, which we will now address. In the Czech Republic, you can register a company in the catalog and so get a backlink.

Each city usually has its own directories or catalogs, which are easy to find and you can include your company in them. You can find them by searching for these keywords, for example:

"Recommended links" location

Add Page Location

Add Business Location

Location * company directory

However, if you want to save time and effort, LinkAssistant can help you

How to do it:

1. Launch LinkAssistant, go to Look for Prospects in the upper left corner, select Directories as your search tool, and click Next.

catalog pages

2. Enter the keywords that best describe the industry in which you do business. According to them, the application will find suitable catalogs of companies. Remember to use your specific search engine so that the tool can only find local business catalogs.

3. Then go to the Search engine tab, click on Google advanced search, select your location and click Next.

key words 1a

4. Finally, do not adjust the settings and click Finish.

Great, now the app can find a lot of local business catalogs!

5. Write about local events

Another way to create a good link profile is to create content that people will share. People will always be interested in local events, so you might consider adding a blog section to your website.

You can share information about local events or news on the blog. People interested in local events will be happy to share your site. Kill two flies with one blow - improve site traffic and get local links.

6. Reach out to local influencers

Marketing is increasingly revolving around influencers. According to the BrightLocal website, the best way to get local backlinks is to build relationships with local businesses and influencers.

You can visit government sites, social networks, or blogs to find suitable influencers in your field. It is always better if they are relevant to your industry. If you own a coffee shop, try to reach sites that are interested in local restaurants, for example. You can also offer bloggers to collaborate by offering them your services or product for sharing your link.

You can take a slightly different approach. If you have found a suitable influencer you want to address, see if he is going to host an event. Take part in it, get to know each other in person and talk about how you can help each other.

Track your progress

Tracking your link profile is just as important as building it. To find out if your links are still active and don't turn into nofollow links that search engines ignore, you need to follow them. You can use the SEO SpyGlass application.

How to do it:

1. Launch the SEO SpyGlass application and create a new project.

2. Then go to the Backlink Profile and then to the Backlinks, right-click on the header of any column and add a column called Backlink status and Links back to the workspace. ).

bad links

3. With the columns in place, click the update button and select Backlink Page Info, Linked Page Info, and Penalty Risk to update them.

4. Then look at which links are no-follow and which have a risk of a penalty of over 70% - check these links first.

I highly recommend that you check your backlinks and their development regularly.

At the end

I want to emphasize that the importance of linkbuilding will not disappear so easily. Of course, it will take some time, but if you want to improve your position in search results and maintain it, creating links should be your long-term priority.

Remember that you are trying to get local links, so look for them in your area. Try to prioritize quality links that are relevant to your industry, and it won't be long before your position in search results improves.

Feel free to share your views on these strategies. If you have any other ideas for creating local links that you could add to this list, let us know. In other words, we see ourselves in the comments.