Optimizing Facebook page

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Do you have a Facebook page?


Do you want your Facebook page to be searchable via Google? Within 4 months, we will get your FB page to the first page of the Google search engine.

How long will it take?


from 3 - 4 months at low competition
from 5 - 6 months at medium competition
from 7 - 8 months at competition

How much will it cost?

200 Eur / month

Our results


For example, when you enter the keyword "soap bouquets" into google.com. The first results will be a Facebook page: Soap and Deluxe Soaps boxes. Page got to the first position in 4 months. It has been there for over a year without further investment.

Prerequisites for successful optimization:


  • The page must be active
  • The site must have at least 1000 likes
  • The page must have good ratings
  • We'll need access to your FB page