Case study - SEO

1. The client approached us with a request to improve the position of the keyword "mole senec". During optimization, keywords expanded to include more words / phrases.

At the time of reaching (December 2019), the page positions were as follows:

mole: # 18
Mole Senec: # 4
mole bratislava: # 18
mole nonstop: # 10

What did we do for the client?

1. Run SEO page analysis, which showed shortcomings in on page factors and in the text content of the page.

seo analysis on page factors

SEO analysis on page factors

seo content analysis

SEO content analysis

We fixed it SEO factors a copywriter he wrote new lyrics.

During January 2020, we began building backlinks to support search keywords.

Page positions 01/2020

position January 2020

Page positions 03/2020

position March 2020

Page positions 04/2020

position April 2020

Page positions 05/2020

position May 2020

The client pays link building package LARGE (300 euros)

As you can see in the images above, the results for keywords with the phrase 'mole' have all improved. The main keyword "mole senec" is currently in the first position. Other keywords have improved as well.

After 4 months link building the visibility of all keywords is 97%.

March 2020 page positions are as follows:

mole: # 9
Mole Senec: # 1
mole bratislava: # 10
mole nonstop: # 1

April 2020 page positions are as follows:

mole: # 7
Mole Senec: # 1
mole bratislava: # 9
mole nonstop: # 1

May 2020 page positions are as follows:

mole: # 3
Mole Senec: # 1
mole bratislava: # 5
mole nonstop: # 1

What next?

We agreed with the client to expand the keywords to include the phrase "sewer cleaning + city." In the next phase, we'll take steps to improve our position for these word combinations as well.

If you've read up here and you're in a similar situation to our client, address us. We will greatly improve your keywords' positions in search. It's not always 3 months, but it's worth investing time and money. We'll take care of improving your keyword positions in Google search. The first positions will guarantee you the most clients.

For similar results, type / call.

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